In-utero Mouse Embryo Phenotyping with High-Frequency Ultrasound

Project Summary:
The project is aiming to phenotype early- to mid-gestational mouse embryos by segmenting select organ systems in 3D data sets acquired in-utero with high-frequency ultrasound (HFU). Around 20,000 NIH Knockout (KO) mouse strains will be generated, 30% of which are expected to be embryonic or perinatal lethal, including many important models of human structural birth defects and congenital diseases. The development of phenotyping methods for embryonic lethal mice that provide for efficient pipeline analyses of defects in embryonic growth in the KO mouse strains is a highly demanded.

We propose to develop and validate in-utero 3D HFU image acquisition protocols and image processing methods that permit noninvasive, longitudinal studies of embryonic development and, in particular, the characterization of mutant phenotypes. Volumetric HFU data will be collected in-utero from mouse embryos staged between E9.5 to 15.5 in order to establish a database of normal development. With provided HFU images of mouse embryos, the focus of our team is developing advanced image analysis and machine learning methods for analyzing brain development in mouse embryos and characterizing defects caused by mutations.

Some Initial Result:

                  Figure 1 Segmentation of Brain Ventricles

                  Figure 2 Next Step: Organ Segmentation

National Institute of Health

Current Participants:
Jeffrey Ketterling, Dr. Lizzi Center for Biomedical Engineering, Riverside Research, New York
Daniel Turnbull, Professor Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, NYU School of Medicine
Yao Wang1, Professor NYU Video Lab, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Jen-wei Kuo1, NYU Video Lab, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Orlando Aristizabal2, Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, NYU School of Medicine
Zhongqi Wang, NYU Video Lab, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Related Publications:

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