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Two-way real-time video communication in wireless networks requires high bandwidth, low delay and error resiliency. This project will address these demands by proposing a system with the integration of Network Coding (NC), Randomized Distributed Space-time Code (R-DSTC) and packet level Forward Error Correction (FEC) under a small round-trip delay constraint is also imposed on the system design.

This research is partially funded by NSF, WICAT, CATT.

Project Participants:

Xiaozhong Xu, Ph.D student
Zhili Guo, Ph.D student
Elza Erkip, Professor
Yao Wang, Professor
Shivendra Panwar, Professor

Related Publications:

  1. X. Xu, O. Alay , E. Erkip, Y. Wang and S. Panwar,"Two-way Wireless Video Communication using Randomized Cooperation, Network Coding and Packet Level FEC", in Proceedings of IEEE ICC, Ottawa, Canada, 2012.
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