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  1. O. Alay, T. Korakis, Y. Wang, S. Panwar, "Dynamic Rate and FEC Adaptation for Video Multicast in Multi-rate Wireless Networks", provisional filed, January 2009.
  2. O. Alay, T. Korakis, Y. Wang, E. Erkip, S. Panwar, "Layered Video Multicast using Relays", provisional filed, November 2007.
  3. Z. Liu, Y. Shen, S. S. Panwar, K. W. Ross, and Y. Wang, "Feedback Assisted Redundancy-Free Transmission of MD-FEC Streams in P2P Video", In Process
  4. Z. Liu, K. W. Ross, S. S. Panwar, Y. Wang, and Y. Shen, "Using Multi-Stream Coding in P2P Live Streaming", In Process
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