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Multicast of popular applications to handheld devices, such as video delivery of a soccer game or headline news, enables delivery of information in a bandwidth efficient manner. The aim of this project is to study the interplay between cooperation and multicast and design a decentralized and robust cooperative MAC-PHY. Cooperative protocols, while being a natural fit to multicasting, now need to be designed to ensure high quality reception in all possible directions in the network unlike the unicast case where reliability is required at a single destination node. The MAC-PHY also needs to ensure the delay requirements at each node. For video applications, received quality can also vary across the network, and scalable video coding techniques can be integrated with the cooperative MAC-PHY, leading to a cross-layer design that spans the application layer through the physical layer.

This research is partially funded by NSF, WICAT, CATT.

Project Participants:

Ozgu Alay, Ph.D student
Zhili Guo, Ph.D student
Pei Liu, Research Assistant Professor
Elza Erkip, Professor
Shivendra Panwar, Professor
Yao Wang, Professor

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